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Living Off the Grid with Nicole Lischewski

Living Off the Grid with Nicole Lischewski episode 207

Living Off the Grid with Nicole Lischewski

Living off the grid? Could you do it? What's it like after the 1st year? Author Nicole Lischewski shares notes from her memoir about 14 yrs of living off the grid in today's episode! Nicole felt compelled to share her story after observing that there are many books about the first year of life in the wilderness and the excitement of building your own cabin. However, there seemed to be a lack of stories of life in the bush after year one and she wanted to change that!

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In addition to discussing life off the grid, why it's healthy and fulfilling, Nicole also brings us back to yesterday's podcast episode theme: finding your joy. Maybe life in the wilderness isn't your cup of tea and wouldn't bring you joy, but what would? After listening to Nicole and hearing how much joy her far from "normal" lifestyle brings her, I hope you'll be even more inspired to ask yourself this question and take action to find more joy in your life.

While I personally want to try to read her memoir, it is in German so I know many of you may not get to it and that partially explains why today's episode is longer than most, but I promise it is worth it!

About Nicole Lischewski

Nicole emigrated to Canada from Germany in her mid-twenties after falling in love with British Columbia as a live-in nanny. She bounced around the country for a few years and eventually put down roots in the far northwest, close to the Alaskan border. For the past 14 years she's been living 20 miles from the closest road in a log cabin she built with her partner at the time. Her mode of transportation is pretty much exclusively her feet and her kayak.

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