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No Equipment Workout Moves

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No Equipment Workout Moves - 3 to Try at Home

As online personal trainers helping clients who travel for work, are busy moms, or just prefer to tone up at home, the Fit Armadillo team and I love a good no equipment workout move and know many.

But it's always refreshing to try out someone else's no gym no problem fitness routine!

Earlier this month, Power Music gave me the opportunity to do just that when they invited me to try out and review one of their fitness classes. I selected the Group Rx Boot Volume 16 class as it featured body weight only fitness moves and I wasn't disappointed.

The class shared a total of 12 no equipment fitness moves to target your core, upper body, and lower body.

For today's Tighten + Tone Tuesday post, I'm sharing my top 3 favorite no equipment fitness moves from the Power Music workout video, their modifications, and my review of the video for my fitness professional fans.

3 No Equipment Workout Moves to Try for Your Next Home Workout:

As you can see, those moves might not require any equipment, but they are no joke! My heart rate was definitely up just demonstrating these home gym friendly exercises.

Review of the No Equipment Fitness Moves:

Move #1: Bounding Squat Rewind

Level 1: Jump into a squat landing with your feet wide and sitting back so your knees are in line with your ankles. Hop your feet together 3 times to get out of the squat and return to start

Level 2: Jump into a squat a few feet in front of your body, still keeping your weight in your heels and your knees in line with your toes when you land.​ Return to start using three jogging steps backwards. Remember to change your leading leg for the reverse steps after each squat (i.e. Jump forward into a squat, jog back R, L, R THEN jump forward into a squat, jog back L, R, L).
Level 3: Same as level two, but getting back to start with 3 reverse squat jumps instead of three steps.

Move #2: Wounded Crab

Level 1: Start in reverse tabletop position (sit on the floor, place palms below your shoulders and feet in front of you so that when you lift your hips your knees and ankles will be in line). Lower your hips and extend one leg. Exhale to lift your hips into reverse table top with your leg extended parallel to the floor, inhale to lower almost to the floor and repeat.

Level 2: Same as level 1, but traveling forward and backward. Complete the traveling portion by walking your right then left hand back then jumping your supporting foot back. Next, return to start by walking your hands and then feet forward. Think: Lift hips, lower hips, walk, walk, jump

Level 3: Same as level 2, but traveling side to side instead of front and back​

Move #3: Plank Express

Level 1: A modified forearm plank (for more help with this exercise, head HERE) with a same knee to same elbow and knee to same side lift.

Level 2: Level one in a regular plank. Keep feet together, if you're advanced. Move feet about hip width apart to modify the move.

Level 3: Starts like level two, but instead of keeping leg bent, extend it straight and perpendicular to your body for the second motion. Then, lift your leg up after motion two (i.e. same knee to same elbow, straight leg perpendicular to torso, straight leg lift).

For all plank moves keep abs tight and hips parallel to the ground for all but kneed to elbow motions.

Review of Power Music Program for Fit Pros (click below to expand):

Review of Power Music Group Rx Boot Vol. 16

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