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Online Personal Training vs. Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

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Online Personal Training vs. The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge -Which Is Best for You?

Online personal training might be our specialty at Fit Armadillo, but sometimes I like to change things up and offer group fitness programs.

This September, I'm hosting our last group fitness program of 2016 - The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

Last week, I told you why our fall fitness challenge is a drop 2 sizes challenge instead of a weight loss challenge and I hope it has you excited about our upcoming program. But, what if you've been considering starting online 1-on-1 fitness sessions with us?

Today, I'm sharing a breakdown of some of the key differences between online personal training and our group fitness challenge to help you out. Of course, if you have any additional questions, you can definitely contact me HERE and we can hop on a call before you make your final decision. 

Online Personal Training is best if...

  • You want your fitness sessions to be 100% customized to your needs

    While the small group size of our fitness challenge (10 participants) allows our trainers to offer modifications as needed, the workouts will be pre-made to match most Drop 2 Challenge participant needs. If you need custom workouts every time, you'll want to sign up for private personal training sessions instead.

  • Your schedule varies a lot from week to week

    During the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge I'll have two live workouts a week and one 30 minute accountability group meeting.  The times for these sessions will be set based on what's best for the group. While they will be recorded, joining live will be highly recommended for your success. If you can't commit to these sessions (at minimum the 30 minute health coaching and accountability meeting), you'll probably be better off working 1-on-1 with your own personal trainer. 

  • You are self-motivated

    I recommend that online personal training clients work with their certified fitness professional 3 times a week, however, your budget might not allow for this level of 1-on-1 support. If you are motivated enough to complete workouts on your own and follow your trainer's general nutrition advice, online personal training will work well for you. However, if you have a hard time staying focused when you're not being held accountable, the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge would be a better fit. 
  • You don't have two sizes to lose

    While anyone is welcome to join our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge, it's set up to help those who want to lose two dress sizes in 8 weeks. If you don't have two sizes to lose, you can still join us. However, I can't offer the money back guarantee! 
  • You do best with a specific nutrition plan

    The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge has fairly loose nutrition guidelines.  If you know you work best with a set nutrition plan (at least in the first few weeks), you'll get better results with a combination of custom nutrition planning and online personal training. 
  • You want to start NOW!

    It only takes 48 hrs to get your personal booking account so you can start training this week. However, our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge doesn't start until September 12th, 2016. 
The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge is a better fit if...

  • You have two sizes to lose, work well in groups, and don't currently have a supportive group of fit friends/family

    I'm guaranteeing your results, if you follow our guidelines and have two sizes to lose-NOT something we can do with our personal training sessions! Additionally, many people are highly motivated by a group dynamic. The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge has countless opportunities for you to be motivated by the other 9 participants who will likely become your new fit friends. Personal training is highly motivating for many people, but if you don't have a core support group of your own, your challenge group could be the key to helping you make lasting changes. 
  • You need daily check-ins to stay motivated and on task

    While our trainers are super motivating, they only see you during the times you train. If you need daily support, you won't be able to get that unless you have a big budget for personal training join our challenge! Every day of the challenge you'll have a daily tip and task to complete. If you don't do it, you will risk your money-back guarantee and we'll be watching you. This level of support can really help you jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, if you've struggled in the past.
  • You are just starting your healthy lifestyle journey

    The extra support and design of the workouts you'll complete during the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge are a great fit for anyone who's put off starting a healthy lifestyle, but is finally ready to do things the healthy way. You'll slowly make changes over the 8 weeks so you're set up for lasting success. After achieving your results without a diet or weekly weigh-ins, you'll be ready to ditch both and really treat yourself and your body right. If you've been eating healthy for years and never dieted, you likely don't need this level of support. However, if you have gone on one diet after another and need help breaking away from the madness, this program was made for you!
  • You have a tight budget

    Even though online personal training can be enjoyed without a membership or application fees (saving you $800+/yr over your gym-going friends), I know that 1-on-1 sessions can still be a luxury. Our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge gives you support that on it's own would cost $2000+ for 8 weeks. However, the group aspect, lets you enjoy this higher level of support for 1/4 of that price. 

  • You like shopping sprees

    Our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge participants who reach their goals will be rewarded with a $100 shopping credit after the challenge!
  • Life is waaaay too crazy to set aside time for your fitness routine right now

    Waiting on back to school time to get into your own routine? Our group fitness challenge starts at the perfect time-the Monday after Labor Day!
Clearly, both online personal training and our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge are awesome ways to jumpstart your fall fitness routine, but which will you try? 

Tell us by leaving a comment below or asking a question, if you're still not sure: 

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