Get your pirate costumes ready: It’s time to work out like a pirate – Fit Armadillo

Get your pirate costumes ready: It’s time to work out like a pirate

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Ahoy, mateys!  For this week's episode of Tighten + Tone Tuesday I'll be teaching you the best piratey moves I know to prepare you for my live Work Out Like a Pirate fitness class this Friday*. Most of the moves included in this workout are bodyweight exercises.  In fact, only the Bilge Toss requires some extra weight. Don't have a home gym yet? It's OK! Grab an old grog bottle (or detergent bottle), fill it up with water, pebbles, or sand and you'll be good to go. Other than a 5-10 lb weight or weighted object and your pirate costume, you may also want a fitness mat and sturdy bench. Both of these items are optional, but might help you feel more comfortable during the class. Have your supplies ready? Awesome! Check out the video to learn the moves to master today so you're ready on Friday*:

Do ye feel like a stronger pirate already? I hope so!

Here is a list of the moves so you can practice them:

1.  Bilge Toss
2.  Walking Plank
3.  Battle Squat
4.  Sword Fighting Step
5. Peg-Legged Mountain Climber
6. Plank-> Walk-> 1 Leg Deadlift

During the Work Out Like A Pirate class I'll have you complete these moves circuit style. I know you're going to get a GREAT workout in if you join us! UPDATE: This workout was held live in its first year on a Friday. For 2022 we are waiting to host the workout until we hear from our A-Listers on times, because we are on Maui!

Want to visit? Ye should check out the April Women's Wellness Retreat I'm hosting. Early bird registration ends 10/31/2022. Head HERE to apply to join us whether ye be a pirate or landlubber 😉

Did you enjoy these piratey moves? I’d love to know which ones are your favorite. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Completing the workout today? Share your favorite reason for being a pirate/favorite pirate accessory as well: 

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