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Start running; a Fit Fifteen running episode round up.

Running is such an easy sport to start. All you need is a pair of running shoes, and off you go. Over the past 100 episodes, we’ve featured a lot of runners. Here are some of the highlights to inspire you. Because let’s be honest, we all find it hard to lace up and get out of the door from time to time. So what does it take for you to start running?

Fun runs & running clubs

While running is mostly a solitary sport, running with others can help you stay motivated to keep running. Whether that’s a fun event of a group run: runners are some of the most social people that we know. Here are some of our favorite episodes featured on the podcast.

From Sedentary to Running Evangelist | Parkrun’s Andrea Zukowski (episode 77)

Andrea Zukowski has gone from being sedentary and overweight for most of her life to being a community running evangelist. She now weekly lives for the 5k run in the park with Parkrun, where she’s an event organizer. In the podcast episode, we talk about learning to enjoy running and running with other people.

Creating Hogwarts Running Club with Brian and Dawn Biggs (episode 54)

How Harry Potter, Dr. Who, & Gilmore Girls Fans Are Changing the World One Mile at a Time (episode 55)

Brian and Dawn Biggs have inspired their virtual run participants to run millions of miles and raise millions of dollars since they started their non-profit organization, Random Tuesday Inc., in 2014. If you enjoy running virtual races, you’ve likely participated in one of their runs. Plus there is some really cool race bling involved! This interview goes across two podcasts episodes because it was just too much fun not to continue the conversation.

About Arete Women’s Running Club with Co-Founder Mary Wright (episode 83)

There’s nothing more motivating than running with a group of like-minded women. In her search for an all women’s running group Mary Wright found nothing. That’s why she and her friend Melissa started their own in 2016, and it’s been growing ever since.

Starting with running

Getting started is half the battle. We’ve been there too, so we know that making changes (for the better) takes time. We’ve talked to a lot of inspiring people on the podcast, and some of them have made amazing changes.

Lindsey Hein of I’ll Have Another Podcast Talks Running (episode 76)

Lindsey Hein is a marathoner, running coach, wife, boy mom (she has three boys and one more on the way!), and one of my favorite podcasters. If you’re a runner, you’ve probably already listened to “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein. For this episode, we dive into her running journey and insights.

The Running Couple: From Overweight to Over 150 Races (episode 48)

When we talk about inspiring running stories, the story of Mark and Lissett Lineberry is certainly high on the list. Advised to up their cardio to overcome a weight loss plateau the couple completed their 1st race together, the Life Time Fitness Commitment Day 5K, on January 1, 2013, in an hour’s time. Since then, they have run over 150 races from 5Ks to full marathons and have lost over 100 pounds between them. Lissett is now paying it forward as an RRCA Certified Running Coach.

How to Start a Fitness Journey with Meredith Rice (episode 28)

Stories are powerful motivators, and Meredith’s story is one of those stories. The former Fit Armadillo personal training client shares insights from her weight loss transformation (she lost 70 lbs!) and running journey to encourage you on yours. Her goal was to run 5K without stopping and took it beyond that by completing the Run Disney Challenge where she ran a 5K, 10K, and half marathon in one weekend.

Life after Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend with Meredith Rice (episode 51)

After completing the Run Disney Challenge, Meredith feels like a completely different person, and she’s not done running just yet. We had to go back and talk to her again and talk to her about her future running plans.

From “Too Old to Run” to Masters Track and Field Athlete (episode 19)

Beth Bridges proves that you’re never too old to run. Beth shares the inspirational story of how she went from thinking she shouldn’t run to beating her high school running times and dropping several dress sizes. We talk about the similarities between building a network and increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Beth’s story is the perfect inspiration for beginning runners.

Olympian, Author, and Marathoner Deena Kastor on Running and Positivity (episode 94)

Deena Kastor on Marathoning, Motherhood, & Writing a Bestselling Book (episode 95)

Though olympian Deena Kastor is not a beginner anymore, her positive attitude to running and marathons is sure to inspire every aspiring runner. Divided over two episode we talk about running, motherhood and writing a book. Deena believes that your thoughts influence how well you preform on your runs. And that’s something we can totally get behind!

Charity runs and reducing running injuries

Sooner or later all runners have some form of running injury to deal with. Some have you benched for a few weeks, while others can take a long time to heal. So it’s better to do exercises that help you prevent injuries as much as possible.

Reducing Running Injuries with Makeba Edwards, MS, CES (episode 87)

More miles is not always the best way to improve your running. An injury can happen faster than you think. So injury prevention is essential. Fitness expert, Makeba Edwards, MS, CES, comes back to share how to reduce running injuries.

Race for the SEA Lab Redondo Beach Creator Shares His Story (episode 53)

Cristian Garacia did the A Better World Running race to raise awareness for The SEA Lab, an aquarium in Redondo Beach. In this episode we talk about why this race is near and dear to his hear. And while the race is long behind him he’s still dedicated to making a difference for this organization who has helped him and many local youth in a number of ways. A truly inspiring story!

Running Backwards to End Epilepsy | Boston Backwards Guy Loren (episode 34)

Running is one of those sports that’s great for charity events. Guy Loren decided to add to the challenge of running a marathon by running it backward. The goal was to raise $100,000 for epilepsy and break the current Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon run backward (currently, 3 hour, 43 minutes, 39 seconds).

Charity Miles App Founder Gene Gurkoff (episode 35)

What if you can raise money for a charity every time you work out… Sounds like great motivation right? That’s why Gene Gurkoff created the Charity Miles App! It has turned into one of the highest rated health and fitness apps that enables you to earn money for charity when you walk, run or bike. Members have earned over $2.5 million for charity so far.

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