Tighten + Tone Tuesday: Do you need to eat a plate of pasta before a race? All about carbo-loading and race day nutrition – Fit Armadillo

Tighten + Tone Tuesday: Do you need to eat a plate of pasta before a race? All about carbo-loading and race day nutrition

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Happy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! The last few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to start a running routine.  This makes me so excited because running is my favorite form of fitness to gab about!

If you’ve just started a running routine and haven’t purchased a proper pair of running shoes, make sure you do so stat (trust me-it will prevent a lot of unneeded issues!). Get all my tips for a successful shoe shopping trip by clicking here>>

This week, I’m going a little beyond basics and talking about your race day nutrition plan. Ask someone what to eat before a race and the answer is bound to be a pasta dinner,  carbo-loading, or both!  But is there any science to eating Italian for one night? There’s definitely been a lot of research on this topic and there is some science behind eating a plate of pasta before a big race.

pasta dinner for race

Should this be your pre-race dinner?

However, the benefit of carbo-loading and eating pasta is likely not as big as you thought.  In this week’s video, I go back to my Biology teacher roots to review the basics of why we try to carbo-load and share research that has fueled the pasta dinner craze.  Get ready to have the pasta dinner tradition demystified and learn what you want to do (and what you can skip) when creating a race day nutrition plan.

While channeling my old Biology teacher persona, I felt the need to give you a short test on what I’ve taught.  However, I promise that the test is fun (it includes a video!) and only meant to help you put what I’ve taught into practice.  I’d rather have you “fail” today than on race day!

Check out my running nutrition tips by watching the video here:



All done? Don’t forget your test (don’t worry-it’s open book er…video 😉 )! Leave a comment below to tell me why Michael Scott’s version of carbo-loading is Carbo-Loading Gone Horribly Wrong and what he should do the next time he runs a 5K:   


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