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Sit All Day? Try This Warm-Up Routine!


Do you sit for most of the day? If you say no, I’d be surprised! Most of our population spends most of their days sitting. Unfortunately, being a professional sitter isn’t the best for your body.  Your posture can suffer and your hip flexors can get pretty tight.  Even worse than that is the potential for sitting to be worse than smoking (according to Dr. James Levine)!

If your job requires you to sit most of the day, clearly you aren’t going to up and quit it after visiting my blog.  So what can you do? Beyond trying to walk around more during the work day, you can add some fitness moves that are specifically designed to help undo your desk job’s attack on your health. This week’s Tighten + Tone Tuesday video sets out to help you accomplish this goal! It’s part one in a two part series called the Sitters’ Workout.  Today’s episode will teach you the warm-up routine. Use it before any workout this week to increase circulation and dynamically stretch those tight hip flexors!

Grab your foam roller and notes from last week’s video (or go watch it HERE) and get to warming up:

Not bad, right? Hopefully after this week’s episode you are ready to rock and roll with your own foam roller!

To join in on the fun next week, you’ll also need:

-Set (or two) of free weights (dumbbells)
-Stability ball
-Resistance band
-Door jam attachment for your resistance band

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Will you be using this warm-up this week? Have some of your own favorite warm-up moves? Share your thoughts with a comment:


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