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What to Pack to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Routine

What to Pack to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Routine

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As a personal trainer who specializes in online sessions and group fitness programs, I tend to work with a lot of clients who travel for work.  Those long days of meeting after meeting after meeting and company paid dinners and drinks can make staying on track with your healthy lifestyle pretty challenging. If you want to stand a chance, you need to plan ahead and the place to start is your suitcase!

This past week I was on the road myself and of course, wanted to keep up with my fitness routine so I brought several supplies with me in my trusty suitcase.  As I was unpacking in my hotel room, I thought that these tips could help out my beautiful fans so I decided to capture it all on film.

So what does a personal trainer packs in her suitcase? Watch the video to learn all my fitness travel tips and secrets. Including, the two items I’ve been stopped for when going through airport security (I promise they are both plane legal!), and the reason a tennis ball helps me bring a lot more of the second most important items on my packing list, my stiletto shoes, without wasting valuable suitcase real estate!

Did you enjoy this video? Do you have any additional packing tips? Have you ever been stopped by airport security for something that wasn’t a security issue? Share your comments below (and don’t forget to share this video!):




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