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Gooseberry Beach: Running Newport, RI

Gooseberry Beach Newport RI

Gooseberry Beach: Newport, Rhode Island: Run #2

Gooseberry Beach, located off of the famous Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island, is one of my family's favorite beaches. 

The only problem?

Its parking lot often fills up before we arrive!​

Luckily, I keep my running shoes handy for occasions just like this! The last time we visited Gooseberry Beach, I drove our car to some public parking, ran back to the beach, and logged the run so you could check it out for yourself. 

Gooseberry Beach​ Run: 3 Miles One Way

Distance: 3 miles
Starts at the intersection of East Bowery Street and Annandale Road (or near public parking you might find off Memorial Blvd, but this will add another 0.5-1 miles)
Ends at Gooseberry Beach  

Gooseberry beach run newport rhode island RI

Overview of the Gooseberry Beach Run

If you complete your Gooseberry Beach Run as a way to help your friends find car parking, you may or may not start in the exact location as I did. However, this will give you the chance to get in some extra mileage or warm up with a short walk before you start running.

Getting to Gooseberry Beach 
bellevue ave newport ri

Take a left onto Bellevue Avenue to head towards Ocean Drive

Run south down Annandale Road until you get to the end, where it intersects Narragansett Avenue. If you take a left here, you'll end up at Forty Steps (from last week's run).  Unless you need to sneak in another visit, take a right onto Narragansett Avenue.

Keep running until you hit Newport, Rhode Island's famous Bellevue Avenue. It's the first major intersection you'll get to, but you'll also know you're on Bellevue when you see the statue in front of The Preservation Society of Newport County

The 1 Mile Mark

Take a left onto Bellevue Avenue to continue your run. Before hitting the one mile 

Newport Preservation Society

View down Bellevue Ave looking at Narragansett Ave and The Newport Preservation Society. If you were turning onto Bellevue, as described above you'd be running AT me as I took this pic. 

mark, you'll pass by Newport mansion Chateau-sur-Mer. Just after that, Shepard Avenue marks 1 mile completed. You'll then pass by the National Museum of Illustration as you start mile two.  Next up are the Rosecliff, Beechwood, and Marble House mansions.  

The Mile 2 Mark

Before Bellevue Avenue turns right, you'll pass by Rough Point, the 2 mile mark for this run. Continue down Bellevue Avenue until it ends and intersects Coggeshall Ave. Look to your left before turning right onto Coggeshall to get a peek at the official end to the Newport Cliff Walk.  After less than 1/10 of a mile on Coggeshall, you'll turn left onto Ocean Avenue, aka Ocean Drive.

The first place you'll pass on Ocean Drive is the exclusive Bailey's Beach. Even though I have Newport, Rhode Island connections, none (that I know of) can get me in there. I'd love to hear what it's like, if you're able to get in! Although, I'd recommend waiting on trying to visit until after you've showered. 

After Bailey's Beach, Ocean Avenue turns right up a hill. But, as Tom Petty taught us what goes up must come down!

The Mile 3 Mark

Run downhill to get to your finish line, Gooseberry Beach!

While you won't be able to practice your boogie boarding skills here, I think you'll enjoy this secluded spot.

Gooseberry Beach Ocean Drive

The beautiful Gooseberry Beach off Ocean Drive is your finish line! Head in the ocean to cool off post-run.

Spend time practicing your laps and figuring out if you'll get in a second run later in the day or nominate someone else to run leg two of your unofficial relay race.

Whatever you do, be sure to keep any tasty treats well hidden and for the safest bet, under lock and key!

I'm not sure how else you can keep them from the crazy seagulls who apparently wish they could shop at Whole Foods:

If the seagulls do steal your beach snacks, all is not lost!

There is a little concession stand that's guarded by an owl. OK-most of the time, the seagulls are chillin' with him, but I haven't seen them go inside to raid the fridge...yet!

Gooseberry Beach RI

Gooseberry Beach has a concession stand, showers, and changing room on site.

While running to and maybe even from Gooseberry Beach in the summer is fun, I highly recommend visiting in the off season, too! Besides avoiding the parking or walking fee to get on the beach (it's $5 to enter on foot - less than a race entry though!), you also might feel a little like Newport royalty.

Or at least I did when I would visit in October and November! With no one else in site, I felt like I owned this cute beach cove.

Gooseberry Beach Sweaty Selife

I made it! Sweaty selfie with mom to celebrate.

Training for a marathon or half marathon (Newport has both in October and they both include parts of this running route!)?

You could also extend this route like I used to and continue down Ocean Drive.  Depending on the path you choose, you would log at least 11 miles. 

Have you ever been to Gooseberry Beach in Newport? I'd love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts with a comment below and don't forget to come back next week for another Newport, Rhode Island running route!

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