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What Type of Yoga Is Best for You?

What Type of Yoga Is Best for You? Yoga Teacher Becca Rich Summarizes Different Yoga Formats

What type of yoga is best for you? If you look at the list of classes at a yoga studio it can be hard to figure out which style to try first. Hatha yoga? Yin yoga? Kundalini yoga? Even if the yoga classes have descriptions, you could still feel lost. Yoga teacher Becca Rich comes back to continue the conversation we started yesterday to help you get started with yoga and enjoy your yoga practice more fully. Today, she shares why a "Beginner's Yoga" class might not be the one you should attempt first.  Becca also discusses the real goal of mediation and yoga and how the type of yoga you need might not be the same from day to day. Whether you're a veteran yogi, considering trying yoga for the first time, or looking for a confidence boost to get back on the mat, you'll enjoy this episode.

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About Becca Rich

Becca Rich is a yoga teacher and coach focused on self-connection and healing. In 2017, she traveled to Costa Rica to become a certified Yoga Teacher. She is also a Reiki practitioner since getting certified in 2015. Becca teaches multiple group classes a week in New Orleans, LA, where she lives, and has taught at many yoga events, senior assisted living centers, and private one-on-one sessions. In addition to her coaching & teaching, she is a full-time engineer.

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