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Ep 173: DEXA Scan Body Composition Test

DEXA Scan Body Composition

DEXA Scan Body Composition Testing for Body Fat Percentage and Bone DensityShould you try a DEXA body scan? If you’re looking to track your progress towards leading a healthier lifestyle, you may benefit from a DXA (DEXA) scan. Unlike your bathroom scale that shares only your bodyweight and doesn’t differentiate between fat, muscle and bone; […]

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172: Aqua Jogging to a PR

aqua jogging

Aqua Jogging to a PR with Marathoner LizziDealing with a running injury? Marathoner Lizzi is here to lift your spirits and tell you about her secret weapon for coming back strong after a running injury: aqua jogging! After dropping out of the Philadelphia Marathon due to a stress reaction in her tibia, Lizzi started aqua […]

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171: London Marathon Tips for Runners and Spectators

london marathon tips runners spectators

London Marathon Tips for Runners and SpectatorsThe London Marathon happens in a few short weeks! Will you be there? Your podcast host will be! Whether you’re participating in the London Marathon as a runner or as a spectator (how she’ll be enjoying it), you’ll love these tips from guest Elizabeth Greminger aka @InstagremGoesRunning. Lizzi ran […]

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