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How to Easily Cut 700 Calories from a Baking Recipe and a Yummy Lemon Square Recipe to Test this Tip out On!

Earlier this week two events coincided that resulted in the creation of my latest recipe obsession: Lemon Zucchini Bars!   First, I found an old Weight Watchers magazine that had a Lemon Zucchini Bar recipe.  Then, I realized we had WAY too many overripe bananas on our counter. I needed to find a way to use […]

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Dinner is served! Sweet Potato + Spinach Quesadillas with a side of Pickled Onions

Yummy yummy in my tummy! Here’s the finished product for this week’s dinner: Sweet Potato + Spinach Quesadillas.  It’s hard to tell that these quesadillas are filled with nutritious spinach and sweet potatoes and pack a punch of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Manganese, but it’s true! Ready to […]

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Tighten + Tone Tuesday

Happy Tighten + Tone Tuesday! This week I don’t have one exercise for you. Instead, I have a whole workout! The best part is it’s more like a “whole” workout because it won’t take you the whole day to do. In fact, it’s only 10 minutes! Stop by Yonder Tours for this 10 minute do […]

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