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Ep 001: Three Types of Health

The Fit Fifteen ep 1 3 types of health

Three Types of Health | Ep 001How healthy are you? Learn about the 3 areas of health: social health, mental health, and physical health and the 3 components of a solid fitness routine: strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Assess your overall health and current fitness routine to identify personal areas of strength and weakness. Use this […]

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Ep 000 The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show

The Fit Fifteen | Health and Fitness Motivation, Inspiration, and Information | Fit Armadillo Founder Catherine Basu | Ep 000

About The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show | Ep 000Want fitness motivation? Catherine Basu, ACE- certified personal trainer and founder of fitness company Fit Armadillo, helps you find it with this health and wellness focused show that challenges you to tune in while getting a move on (walk, run, bike). Learn about your podcast host and […]

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The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show

The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show Health Fitness

The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show Is HereLooking for health and fitness motivation and accountability, but can’t afford to work with one of our online personal trainers or certified fitness professionals regularly? You’ll love our new podcast show, The Fit Fifteen. The Fit Fifteen is a health and wellness focus podcast created by Fit Armadillo founder and […]

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