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Health and Wellness Tips 2016

health and wellness tips trends fitness conference 2016

Top Health and Wellness Tips from IDEA World 2016 Health tips are often featured on the news and social media, but with one piece of fitness or nutrition advice often contradicting the other (even from one day to the next) it can be hard to take any of it seriously!That’s why I’m excited to share health and wellness advice I learned […]

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Benefits of Pilates: Decreasing Back Pain

benefits of pilates exercises for back pain

What are the benefits of Pilates?While Pilates has many benefits, it’s often overlooked when people start a fitness journey. This is a HUGE mistake! Pilates might not be known for its weight loss benefits, one of the most common reasons people start a fitness routine. However, adding Pilates to your workout routine, especially private Pilates sessions, can be extremely helpful no […]

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Huntsville State Park – Great for Outdoor Cardio

huntsville state park outdoor workout

Huntstville State Park: Great for Outdoor CardioAn online personal trainer recommending an outdoor workout? Have I gone mad?! I don’t think so… Even though Fit Armadillo® personal training sessions are completed online, my real passion is helping you find ways to make fitness a part of your lifestyle instead of something you only do at the gym. A big part of that is meeting […]

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